"Slow Food"

This week I’ve been watching David Attenborough’s “Life in the Undergrowth” series about insects. It’s absolutely captivating. I can’t get enough of David Attenborough.

I’m off to New York in a couple hours. I’ll spend some time at MoCCA Comic Arts Festival this weekend, and the rest of my time enjoying the city. I’ll be stepping onto the East Coast for the first time, so I’m pretty stoked. Also first time attending MoCCA. There’ve been a bunch of books I’ve wanted to buy lately but I’ve been holding off so I could get them signed and personally tell the artist I think they’re awesome. I’m only bringing one backpack for the whole trip so hopefully everything will fit on the way home. Be good, everyone!

p.s. FYI, I’m not exhibiting, and I’m not bringing anything, so there’s no business incentive in me telling you this. I’m just telling you!

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3 Responses to "Slow Food"

  1. larry says:

    insect society is interesting as hell.

    i wish i had heard of this program youre watching; the last cool insect thing i saw i think was in indiana jones

  2. jen says:

    Oh, you can rent it on DVD! I got it through Netflix.

  3. D says:

    You ought to check out Life of Birds and Life of Mammals if you haven't already. :) <– bird nut, has to recommend it….but it's still amazing!

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