One week til TCAF!

Even if I was trying to forget about TCAF, the internet wouldn’t let me. Kudos to the organizers, they’re getting everyone super duper pumped for it. Makes me happy to be a cartoonist. I’ll post the table info as soon as I get it.

But before then, little reminder about Anaheim Comic Con this weekend. I’ve never been and really have no idea what to expect. Like, the Power Rangers are having some sort of reunion there. Why would anyone notice me? But, seriously though, it’ll be pretty weird and fun. Also, Dustin and Rachel from “Millionaire Matchmaker” (my most guilty of guilty pleasures). So yeah, if you’re going please stop by! Table 1700.

Also coming soon….


Finger crossed, everything will be ready and assembled for Toronto, but if you’re not going don’t worry. I’ll have them at San Diego Comic Con and for sale online after that. I’m pretty excited to start playing with my own set, myself! As a kid I used to make paper dolls for my sister and I of our made up fantasy characters so this was especially fun for me. Like old times.

Also on the subject of art, I contributed a painting for illustrator Meg Hunt’s Art for Japan auction. All proceeds go to AmeriCares tagged for Japan relief. You can bid on it, here.

And lastly, thank you THANK you to everyone who came by at Stumptown. Vera and I had a blast. Our table was pretty busy all weekend, and so many people came by to talk to us or buy copies of the book. I was under the impression it was more of a mini-comic festival so I was surprised so many of you bought books. Some of you even brought copies of KOKO from home for me to sign, and that really warmed my heart. So again, thank you all so much! Love to Portland!

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  1. Suraya says:

    I followed a link from Warren Ellis here. Your work is magnificent and I’d love to have you illustrate something for Filament magazine at some point. If you’re keen please get in touch!

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