June 9th

I’m about to finish “The Tiger’s Wife” by Tea Obrecht, and it’s really lovely. She’s got a real knack for prose, and the combination of balkan folklore with contemporary storytelling tropes is ingenius. I like how she’s able to write something that feels distinctly feminine without falling into overwrought chicklit terrority (kind of a peeve of mine). Reminds me a bit of Emily Carroll’s storytelling style.

Also, she is younger than me, so I guess I have to hate her now. But not before I do a fanart of the titular character.

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2 Responses to June 9th

  1. Aerin says:

    I love the delicate ink work on the fabric patterns and folds contrasted with the fact that she’s holding a riffle. I’ll have to check out this story now :)

  2. Marcel says:

    Could you describe more of what you mean by feminine writing? I’m a guy, and I’m guessing that developed female characters in a story may not necessarily be what you mean. I sort of understand through you referencing Emily’s stuff, but I don’t think I’m quite there. It’d be interesting to hear what you think!

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