Convention season!

Quickie post about some events I’m doing soon.

Really really soon is TCAF. If you live in or near Toronto and love books/comics either you’re going already or you absolutely should be going because it’s wonderful. It’s free, it’s huge, it’s well organized, and the programming is amazing. It’s my favorite comics related event.

I’ll be tabling again with Vera Brosgol and Emily Carroll. You want all their stuff. In addition to a few Kokos and prints I will be bringing a new 32 page mini-comic, “Rambutan & Rumi”. It’s about the sham marriage between a man and a goat. It’ll be available for purchase online shortly. We’ll be at table 105 on the first floor, but you should just remember it as the info booth. If you were there last year, it’s the same spot. We’ll be at the info booth!

I’ll also be at the ALA Anaheim conference in June with most of the same things. If you’re a librarian and you’re going, come say hi! I’ll be in the graphic novel artist alley area with Lark Pien. I’ve never been to one of these ALA events so we’ll see what that’s all about. George R. R. Martin’s going to be there, so that’ll be something.

Okay, I’ll have more things to post when I get back but right now I have to prepare for TCAF aaahh!

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  1. Ilan sheady says:

    Hi Jen.

    Just discovered your work and I LOVE your style so much. Was wondering if there was a way to buy a signed copy of Koko Be Good from you.

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