Koko Be Good

First Second Books
ISBN: 978-1-59643-555-1
300 pages, full color

Now available from:

Koko is a happy 20-something drifter living in San Francisco. Jon is a timid college graduate on the verge of moving to Peru with his humanitarian girlfriend. Faron is a loner high school student stuck working at his family’s Chinese restaurant. All three are ready to change their lives, starting with a chance meeting that inspires the Koko to be “good”. With intersecting stories set amongst the backdrop of San Francisco, Koko asks the question: What does it take to change yourself?

Praise for “Koko Be Good”

“Koko Be Good brims with manic energy and comedy, a complex story engagingly told with ingenious layouts and lovely art.” – Boing Boing

“[I]t serves as a sweet slice of life that alternates manic and solemn moments, with beautifully characterized leads making their inner lives felt on their expressive faces. And the book’s energy and verve are terrific. As a debut, this is a striking accomplishment, and a promise of great things to come… A- ” – A.V. Club

“…Wang’s delicate images, and her ability to capture the earnest emotions of her characters, should pull in all but the most hard-hearted reader.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“This is stellar storytelling and art, opening a complex but accessible window onto real-life situations and self-discoveries.” – Booklist *starred review*

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