June 22nd

I’m a little obsessed with Amish quilts right now. It’s amazing how modern and abstract their patterns are, considering the cultural reputation. Meanwhile contemporary American quilts with their infinite fabric options look fussy and out-dated by comparison.

I wanna get better at painting like this, but those squares really tripped me up. Precision is not my forte.

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June 20th

Pencils for a painting.

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June 17, 18, 19

Another lost weekend, another cluster of doodles.

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June 16th

Just a process drawing today. Lots of projects going on!

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June 15th

Tiny one.

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June 14th

Another belated drawing-of-the-day:

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June 11th, 12th, 13th!!

Oh man, I totally dropped the ball this weekend. A lot of things ended up happening (including signing a lease on a new apartment! Yay!) so I didn’t end up drawing at all. To make up for it, here’s some previously unreleased work.

Panel from a short comic I meant to use as a prologue for my longer story (see, June 4th).

Koko. Part of a series for First Second’s anniversary.

Sketch I did for Sketch Theater last year. They ended up using a different one because the video stopped halfway through this, if I remember correctly. It’s too bad because I liked this one better. :(

New drawings this week and some announcements!

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June 10th

I need some better PS brushes.

I love Robyn! She always looks like her heart is breaking.

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June 9th

I’m about to finish “The Tiger’s Wife” by Tea Obrecht, and it’s really lovely. She’s got a real knack for prose, and the combination of balkan folklore with contemporary storytelling tropes is ingenius. I like how she’s able to write something that feels distinctly feminine without falling into overwrought chicklit terrority (kind of a peeve of mine). Reminds me a bit of Emily Carroll’s storytelling style.

Also, she is younger than me, so I guess I have to hate her now. But not before I do a fanart of the titular character.

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June 8th

This is all I got today. I was stuck somewhere with only a lined notebook and a dried brushpen, then I started feeling sick. I’m calling it quits early. Good thing I made all those cookies yesterday!

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