Hourlies 2013

Another year, another Hourly Comics Day! Not much to say about this batch except I’ve been having fun with straight-to-ink watercolors lately and I loved doing these.


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Convention season!

Quickie post about some events I’m doing soon.

Really really soon is TCAF. If you live in or near Toronto and love books/comics either you’re going already or you absolutely should be going because it’s wonderful. It’s free, it’s huge, it’s well organized, and the programming is amazing. It’s my favorite comics related event.

I’ll be tabling again with Vera Brosgol and Emily Carroll. You want all their stuff. In addition to a few Kokos and prints I will be bringing a new 32 page mini-comic, “Rambutan & Rumi”. It’s about the sham marriage between a man and a goat. It’ll be available for purchase online shortly. We’ll be at table 105 on the first floor, but you should just remember it as the info booth. If you were there last year, it’s the same spot. We’ll be at the info booth!

I’ll also be at the ALA Anaheim conference in June with most of the same things. If you’re a librarian and you’re going, come say hi! I’ll be in the graphic novel artist alley area with Lark Pien. I’ve never been to one of these ALA events so we’ll see what that’s all about. George R. R. Martin’s going to be there, so that’ll be something.

Okay, I’ll have more things to post when I get back but right now I have to prepare for TCAF aaahh!

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Hourly Comics

Yesterday was Hourly Comics Day, in which you draw a comic for every hour of the day you’re awake. Here is mine.


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A few months ago I had the opportunity to do a short comic for Los Angeles Magazine. The theme was the LA Woman. You can sort of read the piece online here even though it’s broken up in bits and doesn’t reflect the full reading experience. Anyway, one of my discarded ideas was a fictional short, and even though it was totally wrong for the assignment I liked it enough to do it on my own. I also needed more practice coloring digitally. So here we are, new short, “Shamisen”! Enjoy!

Have a happy new new! See you all in 2012!

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Long time no update! Sorry about all the “clean yer colon!!” spams in the comments section. So far I’ve been removing them manually, but there’s gotta be a better way. Here are a bunch of things coming up!

  • Here’s an illustration I did for Latvian comics anthology kuš#9, guest edited by pervert zine-star Ryan Sands. The theme was “female secrets”. Lots of amazing female artists in that book, so I’ll definitely put up a link when that becomes available.
  • I’m coming to Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco next weekend Oct 1st-2nd. I’ll be sharing table #285 with fantastic drawers Angie Wang and Jonny Negron (NSFW!). Come get books, prints, kisses, etc.
  • I have a two page comic in the October issue of Los Angeles Magazine. It’s about moving to LA and (spoiler) enjoying it. Look for it on Californian newsstands!

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June 30th

Well, that’s it! Last day of June. I’ll probably actually do one more to make up for whatever days I missed.

I saw a girl like this the other day. She had a cute body shape.

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June 28th

“Game of Thrones” fanart. It’s like I’m a nerd or something! It’s even a little bit furry.

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June 27th

Aaaah, I’m all behind! Stress!! There’s only one more week of June so I’m gonna try to make these last few days count. It’s been pretty busy over here but there’s gotta be time for a little doodle.

Here’s one of the paintings for the art show next week. More Amish quilting.

Layering the blacks took a while and I spent about 2 to 3 days on this. It was also the amount of time I spent marathoning the entire first season of “Game of Thrones”. I’m obsessed now. Should I read the books? Books are always better but I kind of enjoy watching the TV show without knowing the spoilers, and I’m not sure I have time to read 4,000 pages worth of book right now. This conflict inside me! Maybe tomorrow I’ll draw fanart.

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June 24th

Congrats, New York! Start proposin’.

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June 23rd

Remember these guys? Inked.

Are you going to be in San Francisco the weekend of July 9th? Yes? Then you should come to my show at Mission: Comics and Art, “Jen Wang Sees Girls”! It’ll be all original paintings, a couple of which I’ve been posting here this month. Come see them in person! It should be fun and I always look forward to hanging out in San Francisco. Save me some of your bread pudding, Tartine Bakery!

Jen Wang Sees Girls
July 9th, 7pm
Mission: Comics and Art
3520 20th St. Suite B
San Francisco, CA 94110

Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=157677697634645

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